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Interested in learning more about mindfulness and how it contributes to wellbeing and life satisfaction? Thinking about establishing a personal mindfulness and meditation practice, but having trouble getting started? Already have a mindfulness or meditation practice, but want to take things to the next level? Mindfulness coaching can help.

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Tracy Ochester, PsyD, RYT 200 is a psychologist, certified Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy teacher, and yoga teacher who provides mindfulness coaching online and in her office in the Beacon Hill area of downtown Kansas City, MO. She also leads mindfulness classesworkshops, and retreats across the Kansas City metro and beyond.

Mindfulness is a psychological state of non-judgmental awareness of moment by moment experience. Research is showing that mindfulness can reduce stress, rumination, and emotional reactivity while improving:

Field with dandelions and blue sky

  • self-awareness and insight
  • concentration, focus and clarity
  • flexibility in thinking
  • processing speed
  • relationship and life satisfaction
  • general mental well-being

This state of mind is conspicuously lacking in the lives of most modern Americans, perhaps contributing to the many mental and physical health consequences we suffer from. Fortunately, mindfulness can be cultivated through adopting certain attitudes and practices. As your mindfulness coach, Dr. Ochester can assist you in your journey toward greater mindfulness in your daily life.

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Does the training of your mindfulness professional matter?
Studies suggest that higher levels of Mindfulness Based Intervention teacher training may be linked to better wellbeing outcomes, lower perceived stress, and greater service satisfaction.

Clear Mind Open Heart, LLC’s mission is to assist people in the realization and actualization of innate potential through rediscovering our natural ability to live life fully, with presence, compassion and wisdom.

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Elevate your experience and remain wide open like the sky.
Expand your mindfulness and remain pervasive like the earth.
Steady your attention and remain unshakable like a mountain.
Brighten your awareness and remain shining like a flame.
Clear your thoughtfree wakefulness and remain lucid like a crystal.
– Dakpo Tashi Namgyal, Clarifying the Natural State