Freedom: Better By Monday

This is a wonderful blog post recounting a wise parable by counselor Dawna Daigneault, Ed.S, LPC about forgiveness & letting go. Dawna is director of Zest of Life counseling. This article was originally posted on the Kansas City Mental Health Resources website.

Kansas City Mental Health Resources

Is forgiveness enough to set us free from the pain others cause?

A student wanted to understand forgiveness, so he asked a wise teacher. The teacher instructed the student to think of all the people who had been unkind to him in some way. Then the teacher had the student carve the name of each person who had been hurtful onto potatoes. One by one the potatoes with the names on them were loaded into his sack.

The teacher instructed the student to carry them around for a week. As the week wore on – the sack grew more burdensome to carry. The odor from the rotting potatoes was becoming unpleasant. The student returned to the teacher at the end of the week and reported that he knew the moral of the lesson.

The child explained that he knew he must forgive each person who caused an offense instead of…

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