Mindfulness Coaching

A coach is a professional who is skilled at assisting others in discovering and maximizing innate potential. Mindfulness coaching can help you tap into your natural ability to live life fully, with presence and wisdom.  Guidance and mentoring is provided by your coach in establishing intentions, such as increasing awareness, insight, and balance, or cultivating compassion for self and others, as well as in sustaining efforts toward fulfilling these intentions.

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As your mindfulness coach, Dr. Tracy Ochester can assist you in the journey toward greater mindfulness in daily life.  You will learn mindfulness practices such as meditation, mindful eating, and mindful movement or yoga. Dr. Ochester will also help you cultivate the essential attitudes of mindfulness (such as compassion, trust, patience and acceptance) that together form the foundation of a deep-rooted personal practice.

Dr. Ochester assists coaching clients in clarifying intentions for increasing mindfulness, guiding and supporting them through their objectives and directing them to resources that take them further on their path. She is a Qualified Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher and has a robust personal mindfulness practice including daily yoga and meditation.

In addition to her coaching services, Dr. Ochester operates an independent psychology practice in Leawood, KS, she occasionally teaches and supervises aspiring psychologists, and she offers workshops and classes in the community.  Dr. Ochester maintains a devoted personal practice and finds great satisfaction in sharing the benefits of mindfulness with others.

Does the training of your mindfulness professional matter?
Studies suggest that higher level Mindfulness Based Intervention teacher training may be linked to better wellbeing outcomes, lower perceived stress, and greater service satisfaction.

The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.
– Thich Nhat Hanh