Mindful Yoga

HastasanaJon Kabat-Zinn considers the practice of mindful yoga one of the doorways to living wisely and he calls it “the lifelong adventure and discipline of working with one’s body as a door into freedom and wholeness.” In mindful yoga we move consciously and with awareness, attending to each breath and body sensation moment by moment with non-judment and acceptance. The body often gives us our first signals that something important is happening inside us. Through the practice of mindful yoga, we can develop greater awareness of the body and its connection with the mind, as well as enjoying the usual benefits of hatha yoga such as improved balance, flexibility and strength and decreased stress. We also cultivate, through movement, the various attitudes of mindfulness such as patiencecompassion, and acceptance.

Here is what a student said about mindful yoga:

I really enjoyed the mindful yoga class. Tracy is a great, compassionate teacher who instructs us of the importance of having self-compassion in our practice. She guides us in a series of gentle, mindful movements, which is ideal for the first-time beginner to the experienced yogi. I’m so glad I went. I left feeling at peace and refreshed!

Contact the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness if you are interested in scheduling a Mindful Yoga class for your group or organization.